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Q: What are the advantages to having my pet groomed at home?

A: In home grooming is less stressful for the pet and more convenient for you. There is no travel to a grooming salon where your pet may have to spend an entire day. No waiting in cages or exposure to other animals that can transmit an illness. No loud and strange noises. Your pet will not be cage dried. Your pet will be in the comfort and safety of your own home.


Q: What do you need to groom in my home?

A: We need a place to bathe the dog or cat and some towels to dry the pet after the bath. We need a kitchen sink with a sprayer on it to bathe your pet. If you don't have a sprayer we can bring a portable sprayer to fit on your faucet. We'll need a flat surface, either a kitchen counter or table to do the actual grooming on. All the grooming supplies including shampoo, conditioner, dryer, brushes/combs, clippers are brought to your home.


Q: What types of pets do you groom?

A: The Pet Maven grooms small dogs (under 25 lbs) and cats in the owner's home. We specialize in new puppies or kittens, special needs animals and elderly animals.


Q: Do you offer grooming services for cats?

A: We groom all breeds of cats including domestic short haired cats, domestic long haired cats and all the exotic breeds like Persian cats, Maine Coons, Himalayans, Ragdolls, Siberians etc. And, we work with many very matted cats, cats with difficult temperaments and high risk cats.


Q: How long does the grooming appointment take?

A: A typical grooming appointment can take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours depending on whether it is a dog or cat, the breed, the condition of the coat and whether the pet has special needs. When the appointment is scheduled we can determine how long the appointment will take.


Q: Can I stay with my dog or cat during the grooming?

A: Absolutely! If you and your pet would be more comfortable having you stay during the groom that is perfectly fine; The Pet Maven has no rules. However, if your presence distracts your pet or makes him/her more nervous , then we recommend the owner not be present. Our number one priority is to make the grooming experience safe and pleasant for everyone. For grooming cats, it is extremely important that the environment be quiet as most cats react to noises and distractions.


Q: At what age is it best to have my new puppy groomed for the first time?

A: We usually recommend a first full grooming appointment no later than 4 months. It is important the first grooming be a positive experience for the puppy, so we are especially gentle and take our time with working with the dog. For a dog that will need to be groomed on a regular basis, it is important that they get accustomed to being handled and groomed early on.


Q: My pet is matted. How do you deal with that?

A: In most instances, if the matting is extensive, the humane thing to do is to shave out the mats. It is not recommended to de-mat a puppy, cat, or older pet; it's just not humane and in some instances not safe. And, it can hurt your dog. For a dog that is use to being groomed and particularly brushed and combed regularly some de-matting and removal of tangles can be done, but the dog needs to be tolerant of the process as it will add more time to the grooming session. We do use the safest tools and de-matting sprays to assure the de-matting process is quick, efficient and agreeable to the pet as possible.


Q: How often should my dog be groomed?

A: Most dogs could benefit from a good overall grooming every 4-6 weeks particularly the drop coated breeds, terriers, sporting breeds. Even if he dog doesn't need a haircut, they do need a proper bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and sanitary. I can recommend an appropriate grooming schedule once I have met your dog.


Q: What types of products will you use on my dog?

A: We have a variety of high-end natural shampoos and conditioners to use based on your dog's coat and skin. We will certainly speak with you and access your dog's coat and skin and recommend the best products to be used. Of course, if you prefer, we can use your products as well.


Q: How often should my cat be groomed?

A: We recommend long haired cats be groomed every 4 - 6 weeks to keep their coats mat free. And, if you suffer allergies either to the loose hair or dander, then a bath for either a long haired or short haired cat can be helpful on a regular basis.


Q: What types of products will you use on my cat?

A: We will use only products that are extremely gentle, hypoallergenic and with no scent. Since cats are greasy/oily by nature we first use an organic degreaser followed my a clear, odorless, hypoallergenic shampoo. By removing the excess grease and thoroughly cleaning the coat this prevents matting.


Q: What kind of training do you have?

A: Helen Adler, the owner of The Pet Maven and groomer is certified in Pet Grooming through the New York School of Dog Grooming where she also made special arrangements to learn the fine art of cat grooming from experienced instructors. She is also certified in Pet First Aid through the American Red Cross. And, she has conducted grooming workshops for the public and is available for future workshops.


Q: Are you insured for pet grooming?

A: The Pet Maven has a separate insurance policy for pet grooming through Merchants Insurance Group.

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